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2024 CLRG Grade Exams 1-12

Hosted by the Bellator Academy of Irish Dancers and the Warrior Tribe parent group

Saturday, July 27, 2024


Registration for Exams 1 - 10 closes 7/10/2024
Registration for Exams 11 and 12 closes on 4/15/24

These exams are open to dancers from any CLRG Irish dance school. 

The purpose of the grade examinations scheme is to provide a structured framework within which dancers can work towards an achievable goal and to provide a strong foundation in Irish dance.  Grade examinations are unlike competitions in that each candidate is individually examined and receives a detailed written assessment of their performance and knowledge of the grade being attempted.  The scheme consists of an optional preliminary grade, followed by 12 grades with each one becoming increasingly more demanding on the candidates' skill, knowledge and ability.  All 12 grade examinations must be completed to be eligible to apply for the TCRG examination as of January 1st, 2018.


Group assignments have been emailed. Attendees, please check your email for Important Grade Exam Information and to confirm your Group and Exam Time.


Group 1:  6:30am Check-In; 7:00am Start
Group 2:  7:30am Check-In; 8:00am Start
Group 3:  8:30am Check-In; 9:00am Start
Group 4:  9:30am Check-In; 10:00am Start
Group 5:  11:15am Check-In; 11:45am Start
Group 6:  12:15pm Check-In; 12:45pm Start
Group 7:  1:30pm Check-In; 2:00pm Start
Group 8:  2:30pm Check-In; 3:00pm Start

Bellator Academy of Irish Dance | N112 W15800 Mequon Road | Germantown WI 

Studio is located at the west end of the Sendik’s Village Centre. Enter using the doors to the left of AutoZone. Once in the lobby, the studio is located to the right of the Wisconsin Academy of Music.

How to Register

Register and Pay -
All Grades

  1. Register and Pay - All Grades using this SignUp Genius

  • Each applicant must sign up for their own slot. Use the "display alternate name" function if necessary, to ensure the dancer’s name appears on the sign up.

  • Applicants must sign up for each grade separately. 

  • Include your school name, teacher's name and teacher's phone number.

  • Add the dancer's birthdate in the Comments.

  • We reserve the right to adjust the total number of exams at any grade, at any time. If one grade fills, we may adjust the capacity of any other grade based on interest.

  • Payment is required at the time of registration. Payments are non-refundable unless the entire exam event is cancelled. Processing fees are non-refundable. The charge is done via "WePay" and will appear this way on your credit card statement.

Submit your Application for
Grades 1-10

      (If this is your first-time taking grade exams, just complete the top portion of the        form.)

  • Submit the PDF to after registering and prior to 7/10/24.

  • You will receive an email from the same account within a few days, confirming  receipt of your file.

Submit your Application for
Grades 11 & 12

  • Download and Complete the application for the desired grade, including TCRG signature.  Applications without this signature will not be accepted, per An Coimisiún rules.
    Grade 11 | Grade 12

  • Create a single PDF containing ALL grade exam score sheets, certificates, and application. Per CLRG, no other file format can be accepted.

  • Grade 11 - Submit application and Grade 1-10 examination reports. Candidates must be at least 16 years or older to take grade 11.

  • Grade 12 - Submit application and Grade 11 report only. Candidates must be at least 17 years or older to take grade 12.

  • Submit the PDF to after registering and prior to 4/15/24.

  • You will receive an email from the same account within a few days, confirming receipt of your file.

Important Information


Dancers may not wear costumes/wigs. Blackout attire that does not identify dance school is acceptable. Please consult your teacher for their specific requirements.

At Check In

Dancers must present previous score sheets and certificates to continue. Failure to do so will result in not being permitted to take the exams and forfeiture of fees.


A schedule will be sent out shortly after registration for Grades 1-10 closes. 


Marie Moore, SDCRG

Studio Address

N112 W15800 Mequon Road | Germantown, WI 53022
(Located near the west end of the Sendik's Plaza, in the lobby shared with Germantown Fitness)

Social Distancing

The health and safety of participants is a priority. Only exam candidates and staff will be allowed in the studio. Non-participants may not be in the building. Any further policy requirements (masking, social distancing) will be provided with the schedule. 

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