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About Bellator

We offer classes for those just beginning to experience the Irish culture to those looking to dance on the World Championship stage one day. Every class is taught by a certified TCRG and driller. Our goal is creating an environment for your dancer to truly enjoy their experience. For our beginner warriors, having FUN, learning, and cultivating a love for dance is what we strive for! If your dancer decides to take this further and join our competition route; classes will entail a well-rounded approach encompassing not only technique, but mental preparedness and emotional endurance while building friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Teachers

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Chelsea Holloway

Owner & Artistic Director

Chelsea is a certified TCRG and has taught Irish dance for over 12 years to dancers of all ages and levels. She has coached and mentored dancers from a beginner to the World Championship's stage.  She emphasizes first and foremost having FUN.  She believes there's a way to teach with providing the perfect balance of fun while learning discipline, respect for yourself and others, responsibility, and developing yourself not only as a dancer but as a person. Her teaching style offers support emotionally and mentally, breaking down material or corrections in as many different ways as the dancer needs to truly understand, and inspiration through encouragement. She believes strongly in teaching dancers to not only be the best dancers they can be technically, but also teaches them how to take care of their bodies to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities; as well as how to deal with and overcome challenges that may arise. 

Past Achievements

Chelsea's achievements in competitive Irish dance include:​

  • Mid-America Champion 

  • Multiple-time World Medalist  

  • Top 5 in North America

  • Multiple-time World Qualifier

  • Multiple-time team medalists at Regionals, Nationals and Worlds 

  • Performed locally, nationally, and internationally

Sam Krieger


Sam was an Irish dancer for 13 years and has been teaching for over 8 years now. Throughout her years of dancing, she competed as a soloist at the Mid-America Irish Dance Championships 6 times, placing as high as 10th in Mid-America. Sam also competed at both the North American Irish Dance Championships and the World Championships. As a teacher, she believes strongly in working both on dancer's technique in addition to a positive and dedicated mentality. Sam continues to share her passion for Irish dance through teaching dancers of all ages and levels. 

Sam is one of our main teachers who is working toward her TCRG and has completed 10 Grade Exams. Outside of teaching, Sam is a graphic designer for Colectivo Coffee Roasters.

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