Learn Irish Dance, Self-respect & a Warrior Mentality.

Owner & Artistic Director

Chelsea Holloway

Chelsea is a certified TCRG and has taught Irish dance for over 12 years to dancers of all ages and levels. She has coached and mentored dancers from a beginner to the World Championship's stage.  She emphasizes first and foremost having FUN.  She believes there's a way to teach with providing the perfect balance of fun while learning discipline, respect for yourself and others, responsibility, and developing yourself not only as a dancer but as a person. Her teaching style offers support emotionally and mentally, breaking down material or corrections in as many different ways as the dancer needs to truly understand, and inspiration through encouragement. She believes strongly in teaching dancers to not only be the best dancers they can be technically, but also teaches them how to take care of their bodies to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities; as well as how to deal with and overcome challenges that may arise. 

Past Achievements

Chelsea's achievements in competitive Irish dance include:

  • Mid America Champion 

  • Multiple time World Medalist  

  • Top 5 in North America

  • Multiple time World Qualifier

  • Multiple time team medalists at Regionals, Nationals and Worlds 

  • Performed locally, nationally, and internationally

Our Classes


Intro Beginner

This class is for dancers who have no previous knowledge of Irish Dance or very little. They will learn about timing, posture, and basic technique. They will be introduced to the soft shoe dances, the "Jig" and "the Reel."





Warrior 1

Dancers have mastered their soft shoes dances and will learn a new soft shoe dance called the "Slip Jig" and begin hard shoe! Dancers will be introduced to hard shoe drills to prepare for hard shoe dances.



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Warrior 2

This class is for dancers who have mastered all soft shoe dances and hard shoe basics. The traditional hornpipe and treble jig will be introduced!

Tuesdays, Thursdays


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Warrior 3

For dancers who have mastered all soft shoe and hard shoe dances. Dancers will begin to learn increasingly more advanced choreography.

Tuesdays, Thursdays


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Warrior 4

One of the highest levels of Irish dance. Dancers have earned first place in each of their dances and learn a new hard and soft shoe step.

Tuesdays, Thursdays


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Warrior Champion

This is the highest level of Irish dance. Both hard and soft shoe will be drilled 3x per week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. An optional set class is offered on Saturdays.

Mon., Weds., Fri.

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Adult Classes

From those who’ve danced in their younger years to those looking for a good workout, our adult class is a unique way to learn something new. Classes are taught with strength and technique in mind. New dancers will learn Irish dance basics including steps, and returning dancers will be introduced to new moves.



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Bellator (bellātor)

noun. 1. Warrior, fighter (Latin).​

Our Purpose

The goal of Bellator Academy of Irish Dance is to provide world-class instruction while cultivating a love for Irish dance and culture. Bellator Academy provides a place for dancers to learn, have fun, and create bonds that will last a lifetime. It also provides an opportunity for dancers to grow mentally, emotionally and physically. Bellator means Warrior. It is our name and our focus.

Warriors are not born, they are made.

They create themselves through trial and error 

and the ability to conquer their own faults and fears.



One Another

In everything we do at Bellator, we support each other. Through practices and competition, through failure and success, these bonds show us that we’re not alone as we continue learning to grow and improve.