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Starting to Look Like Home

Well after almost a year, we finally did it! Nope, we didn't put up a sign yet (one day). We painted! With help from our Bellator dancers, parents (and of course my family) we painted our studio wall black! Sam (our assistant teacher), myself and one of our Champ dancers Callie spent another day putting up the logo. How you ask? It's our little secret. It was Sam's idea and it turned out brilliantly. So lucky to have her because I am NOT good with scissors, cutting, anything artistic in general. (Might post a photo of my first coat of painting in the second bathroom, both Callie and Sam agreed I should stick to teaching and choreography).

We are also going to be putting up or "B" logo hopefully sometime soon. Any thoughts on whether to keep the wall as is or add some pictures and another decal on either side of the logo? Tell me what you think!

We also have started to slowly but surely move our parent room to the the massive space in the back. Which is exactly what it is right now, a massive space . I am hoping over the next year we can fill it up. Parents, did you know there is a third bathroom you can use? If you go through the exit sign door and turn right, there is a bathroom immediately to your left!

Slowly, but surely our studio is turning into a home.

As for more exciting news, we have added a few new shows. As of now here is our line up!

March 1st - Ulster Project @ 5:30 - St. Pius Parish

March 8th - Milestone Family Fun Night @ 8:00pm - Glen Hills Middle School

March 9th - St Patrick's Day Parade followed by a performance at Mo's Irish Pub

March 14th - Menomonee Falls Public Library @ 6:30

March 15th - Schools Tour & A.J. O' Brady's Irish Pub @ 7:30pm

March 16th - Milwaukee Admirals Game

March 17th - Bub's Irish Pub @ 3:00pm

Exciting month ahead, (or exhausting) come watch us!

As for our Bellator dancers, they are doing great. We have been focusing a bit more on preparing for our St Patrick's Day performances, but now that the choreography and shows are ready to go... our Beginner 2 class is going to start learning Hard Shoe! After only 5 months, they have mastered the Light Jig, Reel, and the Slip Jig, They are progressing so fast and are so excited to learn hard shoe. We'll keep you updated on their progress (and my ears).

Reminder if your future dancer is interested in joining a camp over the summer and trying our Irish Dance, sign up for our Summer Sampler JULY 15th - 19th! Sign up via our Website!

I'll leave you with the best quote of the month so far. We were at practice, running our show material and I was having a talk with our Beginner 2 group about getting their choreography down, I asked them, "What impression does it give the audience if you guys don't know your material or are running around on stage?"

"We'd be showing them that we're NOT warriors"


The answer the student gave made me realize that Bellator is not just a dance school, but truly a mentality. A place to build your dancer up, not only in technique and dancing ability but in the mind and emotionally by building confidence, respect, work ethic and a sense of belonging all while having fun. We're not just a dance school. We grow together, we support, we fight to be better together. #BELLATORMENTALITY


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